Canine Cognitive Dysfunction / Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a progressive loss of cognitive abilities and memory function, which can occur in humans and animals. In dogs, Alzheimer’s is known as
Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD).

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Natural Arthritis Relief

Arthritis is inflammation of a joint which causes pain and stiffness. The two most common are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, but there are actually over a hundred different types classified into four groups.

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Can CBD Really Help With Weight Loss?

Can CBD really help with weight loss? After all, cannabis is usually associated with an increased appetite – otherwise known as the munchies.

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CBD Infused Classic Bloody Mary

Would you like to start off 2019 with a calm and clear state of mind? This CBD Infused Classic Bloody Mary is a lovely way to start New Year’s brunch.

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How to Choose A Good CBD Product

Choosing a great quality CBD product can be very confusing. There are so many companies selling CBD products and such an array choices at the moment it’s hard to know which one to choose.

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What Will I Feel When I Take CBD?

A couple of questions I hear quite often are, “What will CBD feel like?” and “Will I get high from CBD?”

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How I Ended Up At The Rottweiler Club of Canada, or Cabbage and You.

I adopted Jack when he was about six months old, and right from the beginning he had stomach issues.

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Natural Treatments for Cushing’s Disease

Cushing’s Disease occurs when an excessive amount of the hormone cortisol – often referred to as the “stress hormone” builds up in the body.

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Do You Know Where Your CBD Was Grown? – And Why You Should Care

Phytoremediation. Phyto comes from the Greek word for plant. Remedium is a Latin word meaning to restore balance. Phytoremediation is a low cost and ecological way that uses plants to clean contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and crude oil from the soil and water.

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Alternate Sources of Phytocannabinoids

Every animal naturally produces cannabinoids, which are compounds that attach to receptors located throughout the body and help to balance all the major organ systems. These endocannabinoids help to regulate processes like sleep, appetite, digestion, motor control, immune function, inflammation, pain, appetite, metabolism, mood, and more.

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