Our Diabolical Plott

Jack, our little Diabolical Plott (Hound), is a rescue that has always had severe anxiety and fear issues. After nine years of searching for a solution, we finally discovered CBD oil and the results have been astonishing.

Plott Hound

Plott Hounds are not a very well known breed. We had never heard of them before getting Jack. 

Even though I adopted him at only about six months old, he had already had a tough life. He was one of the puppy mill puppies that got sent to NY for adoption after the mills in the southeast were raided and shut down.

He was the last puppy left at North Shore Animal League, when my brother and I got there. He had already been returned twice, the second time for “not being aggressive enough”?! This was going to be his last chance to be adopted.

From the second I brought him home he was constantly at my heels. At first I thought this was cute, but soon realized it was because he was always terrified of everything.

Jack was always hiding behind me.

He was afraid to go outside so he could go to the bathroom, he was afraid to eat, he never wagged his tail. He was afraid of almost all people, especially men (it took CJ over a year and a half just to be able to touch him), and every little noise. A car door being shut, or if I dropped a spoon in the house, would send him into a panic. At that point Jack spent most of the day either hiding in my closet or in the bathtub.

I started using clicker training with him, and while he is smart and learned quickly at home, once we were outside he was not in the least motivated by treats or rewards. The only time I could take him out for a walk was either in the middle of the night or in the rain when no one else was out. 

But Jack wasn’t always paralyzed by fear, and one thing that very quickly became apparent was that with Jack it was always going to be all or nothing. Either he was terrified or he was so excited he didn’t know what to do with himself. There were two things that got him excited enough to (usually) override his fears. They were other dogs and water.

Jack having fun in the bathtub.
Playing in the bathtub!

So we tried to take him on walks with other dogs as often as possible, we got him a kiddy pool for the yard, and in the off season we’d drive 45 minutes each way to take him to the beach as much as could. Conditions still had to right for him, though. If he heard any noise he would refuse to leave the safety of the car. 

Jack was often too scared to get out of the car.
Jack was often too scared to get out of the car.

After moving from NY to Colorado, I felt that having another dog around would be really good for him, so we took Jack to the shelter and he got to choose a friend. From the second he and Sawyer laid eyes on each other, they were the best of friends. 

Having Sawyer around helped tremendously. The two became inseparable and Jack was finally learning how to do normal dog things like wag his tail or be excited when we came home, (up to this point he never reacted at all to us walking in the house).

Jack and Sawyer playing in the woods.
Jack & Sawyer playing in the woods.

Even though he has happier and was learning how to be a dog, his level of fear was still often overwhelming. We also noticed that he had some obsessive compulsive tendencies such as walking in a specific pattern over and over, or instead of eating his food, he would repeatedly try to “bury” it with his nose. He would do this to the point where his nose would become raw and bleed. CJ made them each a stand for their bowls which helped, but still I often had to hand feed Jack just to get him to eat.

In addition to training, we tried the Thundershirt, and just about every calming herbal supplement I could find.  The combination of things we tried worked just enough to take the edge off, but he still too afraid to go outside unless we made him go. We eventually even broke down and tried a prescription medication.

Among the natural remedies we tried was CBD oil. We probably tried about a dozen different brands, many of which had no effect whatsoever. We eventually found a couple of places that sold CBD hemp oil and not hemp seed oil, but by far the best we have found is Joy Organics CBD Oil.

We didn’t expect miracles, but once we got the dosage right, we begun to see a difference in his behavior by the second day. I gave him his dose in the morning and at some point we looked outside and saw Jack rolling around in the back yard! It may not seem like much, but he had never – not once in his life – gone outside without us having to tell him to go. For the first time in nine years, Jack was able to go outside in our back yard on his own! 

Jack might never be “normal”, but we were hoping that he could finally at least be comfortable in his own back yard. Sure he will never like fireworks, but now if we play some music or a movie, instead of trying to dig a hole in the floor, he stays in his bed. When the neighbor gets home and slams his car door, Jack doesn’t care. At dinner time he is first at his bowl eager to dig in, instead of trying to bury his food. 

Thanks to his new CBD oil supplement and CBD dog treats, Jack is so much happier, more playful, and generally more relaxed! I would call that a miracle.

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