Nibbles The Wonderdog

This is the incredible story of Nibbles and his owner Cheryl, who refused to give up on him.

Nibbles was a happy little Beagle who loved to run around chasing rabbits. Then one day, for no apparent reason, Nibbles began to limp on his back left leg. Cheryl took him to the vet and Nibbles was diagnosed with a sprain. But the leg kept getting worse and soon he also began to limp on his front right leg.

Over the next several months Nibbles saw a number of vets and specialists in neurology and orthopedics. He had all kinds of tests, x-rays, and even had his leg cut open for a bone biopsy. There were a number of diagnosis from a sprain, to neorological problems, the possibility of bone fragments in his leg for which he was put in a cast, bone marrow cancer, autoimmune disease, his vet even suggested that the leg be amputated.

Nibbles continued to get weaker, he wasn’t eating, he was in constant pain and had to be carried because he couldn’t walk. He was also losing muscle and his legs were beginning to atrophy. Cheryl tried everything she could think of to help Nibbles. She made him homemade food everyday, she tried feeding him baby food, herbal supplements, even heavy duty medications like opioids and steroids. At one point Nibbles was going to the vet for daily injections. The family spent over $20,000 but there was still no diagnosis and no improvement.

Finally, in March the vet said that there wasn’t anything else they could do and suggested that Nibbles should be put down. That Friday he was given a crazy cocktail of drugs and was sent home to spend one last weekend with his family. But Nibbles wasn’t ready to go just yet, and something incredible happened. That Sunday he got up and was able to walk just a tiny little bit!

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Those few steps gave Cheryl a renewed glimmer of hope. She had heard some good things about hemp CBD oil from a friend, so she decided to give that a shot. CBD oil is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant, and is used to treat all kinds of ailments ranging from anxiety, skin problems, allergies, pain, joint and mobility issues to seizures.

At this point Nibbles was still on quite a few medications and unfortunately the hemp oil didn’t seem to be having a huge effect. Then one day at the dog park, Cheryl told my brother, Angelo, that she was trying hemp oil for Nibbles. Angelo suggested she might want to talk to us and see what we give our dog Jack. Jack has severe anxiety and fear issues and after many trials we have finally found a CBD oil that seems to take the edge off his fears.

After Talking with Cheryl, it turned out Nibbles had been taking hemp seed oil, not hemp CBD oil, which also comes from the same plant.

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Although hemp seed oil is very nutritious, it is extracted from the seed of the hemp plant and contains none of the medicinal compound CBD. CBD is found only in the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. Because CBD is not regulated by the FDA, however, many companies market hemp seed oil as CBD oil. Although related to the marijuana plant, neither hemp seed oil or hemp CBD oil contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, so your dog will not get high. You should never give your pet any form of marijuana.

Cheryl purchased a bottle of premium CBD oil, and within a week she noticed that Nibbles’ hair began to grow back. Within two weeks he seemed to be getting stronger. Now, six months later, Nibbles has been weaned off all other medications and is out walking with Cheryl again!

We wish Nibbles a complete recovery and many more happy years of chasing rabbits!

UPDATE: March 20, 2019

Nibbles just celebrated his 8th birthday!

Here are some sweet pictures from his birthday party…Happy Birthday, Nibbles!!

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