Do You Know Where Your CBD Was Grown? – And Why You Should Care

Phytoremediation. Phyto comes from the Greek word for plant. Remedium is a Latin word meaning to restore balance. Phytoremediation is a low cost and ecological way that uses plants to clean contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and crude oil from the soil and water.

One of the problems with phytoremediation is that the process requires a plant that is able to grow quickly and in adverse conditions. Hemp just happens to be one such plant. Hemp can grow in almost any condition, and is very tolerant of toxins in the soil. Also, the roots of the hemp plant run deep, which is very important because toxins can be absorbed only as far as the roots can reach.

Hemp is so efficient at decontaminating high levels toxins that in the 1990’s it was planted at the Chernobyl site as a way to remove contaminants from the soil.

Hemp’s ability to remove toxins is an amazing way to clean our environment, but the fact that the plant is so efficient at absorbing contaminants is a very important reason why you should be aware of exactly where the hemp for the CBD products you are using is grown. 

You definitely do not want to buy CBD oils that are made from hemp grown using poor practices or in soil that is contaminated. So make sure you know the hemp CBD products that you are using are grown in places like Colorado, on nutrient rich soil using strict organic practices!

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