Our Story

A holistic, natural approach to healing looks at the entire system, and seeks to treat not just the symptom (as in conventional medicine), but to find the source of the problem and bring the whole body back into balance. 

I have always believed in natural holistic remedies, and I first became interested in CBD as a supplement for one of our dogs Jack, a rescue with severe anxiety and fear issues. But when I began to do some research on the subject I became frustrated with the lack of credible information. I would read one thing on one website and the complete opposite on the next. 

CBD is an unregulated supplement so the information available is often confusing and contradictory. Our mission at Living Green Botanicals is to weed out the facts from the fiction when it comes to natural remedies in general and CBD in particular, so you can make an educated choice about what is right for you and your pets.

After testing a dozen different CBD products – that we bought at legitimate dispensaries, not online or at the corner grocery store – we found only two that actually worked. Some of them didn’t even contain CBD oil at all, just hemp seed oil

If we choose to endorse a product or service, it is because we wholeheartedly believe in it and use it ourselves. 

We’ll always strive to let you know where we get our information and will do our best to help answer all your questions accurately and reliably. 

But please don’t take our word for it. Our intention is simply to provide you with as much accurate information as possible in order to help you make an educated decision about what is right for you. What we write is not intended as medical advise, so seek the advise of a medical professional who is knowledgeable about holistic medicine and the many therapeutic uses of CBD.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch with us through email, or Facebook

CJ & Olga

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